Friday, May 14, 2010

Covent Garden & 39 Steps

Becky and I decided to meet for lunch at Covent Garden. I have rushed through it a few times but I thought it would be fun to spend some time there. We walked around until we found a little pub that looked perfect called "The Globe". They had lunch specials that sounded tasty so we went in. It was probably my favorite of all the pubs so far - it was smaller than most but had a quaint and cozy atmosphere. It seemed like the hangout for older British men which I think is a sign of a good pub. The food was delicious - I had Steak & Ale Pie and Becky had the lasagna. We explored the Julilee market and I picked up a pub sign to take home. When we had thoroughly scoured the market, we headed over to the Seven Dials area. It's a fun little area just north of Covent Garden with a variety of shops. We looked around there for a while and then headed towards Leicester Square to meet Shaunda and the boys.

We had a "booking" (a.k.a. reservations) at TigerTiger just off Piccadilly for dinner. Shaunda and David have a "tasteLondon" card that gets them 50% off all food at a variety of restaurants. it's a great deal! I had a sirloin steak for 7.50 pounds. Even at an exchange of 1 pound to $1.50, it's a good deal for a steak. Everyone seemed to enjoy their meal - despite the fact that David's giant prawns came complete with eyeballs!

After dinner we headed around the corner to the Criterion Theatre to see the play "39 Steps." It was first a book and then made three times into a movie - the most famous by Alfred Hitchcock. Four actors play 139 roles and it was hilarious! I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to others. The boys hit their stopping point by the time it was over so David took them home via a different tube stop so they could catch a cab and Shaunda and I walked home from the Wanstead station. We tried to take pictures of the various show posters on the wall along the escalator but it was really hard to get a decent picture. Oh well - I guess I'll just have to live with my memories. I can't believe my time in London is almost over. Two days left and so much to do...

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