Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in San Antonio

The Hiltons gathered in San Antonio to celebrate Christmas 2009! We enjoyed shopping, cooking, walking along the river, movies and attending Christmas parties. One of the highlights of the week was volunteering for HEB's Feast of Sharing. They fed about 17,000 people from 10am-5pm.

Mom and Pat helped serve the food while Jo and I served as greeters at the door. At first I thought it was a little weird to have two rows of people at the front door just clapping and cheering for people as they entered but after seeing how happy it made them, I was all for it! One particular man came in with a somber expression but when he heard the applause, his face lit up like a Christmas tree! As he passed by me I heard him say, "thanks. I needed that." It made me cry - and I had no problem clapping and cheering for as long as they needed us. It's amazing how little it actually takes to brighten someones day.

Dad entertained the masses by playing his mini-trumpet on the sidewalk outside the Feast of Sharing. If nothing else, I'm sure it made people smile!
It was a fabulous week in San Antonio - which was even extended a few days thanks to snow in the KC area. I am very grateful for a family that not only enjoys being together but can have a good time doing just about anything!